I got up in the night on Friday (Sept 10) and as soon as I sat up in bed the world started going around, fortunately only for a few seconds. When I came back to bed and put my head down, around it went again. Disturbing. When I got up in the morning, same thing. More disturbing. Saturday night, same thing. Every time I laid down in bed and every time I sat up from lying down in bed.

So, I made an appointment with the doctor. I explained my symptoms. His response? “This is cool!” I was not expecting that, but it was reassuring. He laid me down to the left, which is not usually how a lay down. Nothing. Then to the right which is how I lay down and the world started spinning around me. Fascinating.

He declared that I have benign positional vertigo. I need to have something called the “Epley’s maneuver.” Apparently it will make the world spin like mad while it is being done, but then I will be cured.

2 thoughts on “Dizzy

  1. Had the same condition and did the same treatment and it worked…eventually. Had the problem again and went to an acupuncturist and after two treatments it was over. Two years later, same problem, back to the acupuncturist and it was over in one treatment.


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