Boarding passes

Dayle and I were flying from Nairobi to Entebbe. We boarded the Kenya Airways 737 and took our assigned seats. While passengers were still boarding, a gentleman approached us saying that I was in his seat. Sure enough, he produced a boarding pass on which the number of my seat disturbingly appeared. So we called an attendant to arbitrate.

Kenya airways 737

She studied the other man’s boarding pass a moment and then pointed out to him that it was indeed for that flight and my seat. But, there was good news! It was for a day the previous week!

He began rifling through his pockets. We were witnesses to a hurried and somewhat humorous search resulting in the appearance of numerous boarding passes. They came from pants’ pockets, shirt pockets, jacket pockets, a wallet and a carry-on. This was one really frequent flyer! After scrutiny, each one was discarded. Who knows how many more were left when the right boarding pass was located – and it was not for my seat. I really wanted to know what other relics were still in those pockets.

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