Tom Brown

I think that it was the morning after we arrived in Ghana. To get up to speed with her new job, my wife Dayle was looking through informational materials. She found ta rotating schedule for the food served at breakfast. For one of the days the listing just said “Tom Brown”. Those words just looked more than a bit shocking on a menu!

Package of Tom Brown

Package of Tom Brown

After a laugh, we set off to do what we ought to do with all cultural things that throw us for a loop – suspend judgment and get information. We wanted to know what, and hopefully not who, was Tom Brown.

We found the answer in the grocery store where you can buy packages of Tom Brown.  It is a dark tan flour made of toasted corn meal, ground peanuts, ground black-eyes peas and millet flour, which is used to make a porridge. Very nutritious!

Many cooks add lemon juice and ground fresh ginger. The lemon makes it pretty tart. So Tom Brown can be a bit of a sourpuss.

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