The Cute and the Informative

I’ll start with the cute. NewsOK, a Oklahoma on-line news site, has a great article entitled Who Wrote the Bible. It’s not what you might think. Instead of a dry theological treatise, the author gets the answer from children from ages 8 to 10. Smart kids. You’ll enjoy it.

Also in the fun and informative category is Wycliffe’s new website – Road to Transformation. It opens with a nice infographic and you can stay there or dig into more details. Believe me, the process is exactly like we do it.

2 thoughts on “The Cute and the Informative

  1. I saw exactly that infographic when I was at Taste of Translation and Linguistics (TOTAL It Up) a couple weeks ago! I thought it was really good on showing how to progress through the relationship with a people-group until producing a translation. At first, I wondered: why all the squiggly lines? And then it occurred to me: the process is rough and nonlinear because we’re dealing with people; Bible translation is a communal and real-world experience.

    I’m a software developer and want to work at LSDev in Dallas. Glad to see you on here, Ed!


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