Why do we do this?

Why have we spent more than 30 years in Africa, learned a couple languages, traveled over bad roads, made a bunch of new friends, missed family weddings?  Well, I’ll turn to the words of an obscure monk who invited debate on church issues and ignited a historic reform movement:

The Bible has hands and feetAnd lay hold of me it did! With such joyful results that the idea of making it available to others intrigued me no end. Seeing that joy in others who hold the book and take it into their hearts and lives – that’s what keeps me here.

I thought that you might also like this image drawn by Josh Harris after his pastor preached on Jude and quoted these same words from Martin Luther. Although, I would draw it with both running toward each other.

CJ chased by a Bible

One thought on “Why do we do this?

  1. This is the number one reason I love you, dad; you left everything to follow Christ’s call. You’re my hero! God bless you as you continue to work diligently for the gospel.


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