Light soup

A favorite Ghanaian food is called “Light Soup” It is a salty broth with some vegetables and fish, chicken or cubes of beef. It can be eaten with a variety of staple foods including fufu or boiled yam.

Fufu and light soup

Fufu and light soup

I was eating a meal at a conference in Ghana. Light soup was being served as one of the dishes in a buffet. One of the guests from outside the country had served himself some light soup. In it, he had managed to get a piece of tripe which he was inspecting. One of the Ghanaians told him that he had acquired the most sought-after morsel. At the table was a sharply-dressed, educated young Ghanaian lady who chimed into the conversation. She said that while serving herself the light soup in the buffet line, she had spent a moment searching for a piece of tripe, but without success. She sounded quite disappointed. What people like to eat is a function of their culture, especially what they ate as a child. It is not, as some might presume, a function of their education or sophistication.

By the way, I have yet to eat tripe in light soup.

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