On this day in 1604

King James

King James

On this day in 1604, King James agreed to order a new translation of the Bible into English. It was finished in 1611. On its 400th anniversary I wrote of its impact both historic (more than many think) and current (less than some think).  Read or re-read them by following these links:



2 thoughts on “On this day in 1604

  1. Thanks Ed (and Dayle) happy New Year to you. May the Lord minister to and through you both. I have a story about me and the KJV. It may put some perspective(?) balance(?) on things. It did for me. After I became a Christian I had an appetite to read read read the bible. I had a very difficult time with the KJV because of the “thees and thous,” the “haths and circumciseths.” I found it tough to read. I didn’t speak that way and so the bible was somewhat foreign although it was my own language. There was an artificial distance that God had never intended. As a result I read the NASB and the NIV. Much better!! Congratulations on your astuteness Ken! Whenever people would take pot shots at the newer translations I could fire back. It usually went this way: ‘you wouldn’t read a newspaper if it were all thees and thous, why would you I even remember sitting in the seminary and someone had left a coffee mug from Zondervan that celebrated the NIV. written in gold writing around it was: If King James were alive today he would read the NIV. Score for our side! When I was in my first charge, my mother had major surgery and would ultimately die about three months later from complications. I would try to get up to see her on a weekly basis. It was about a three hour trip to get to where she was hospitalized. I would pass through a small town on the way there. One day I was driving past this town and my thoughts were needless to say on my mom and what was happening to her. As I was praying I noticed one of these small bible billboard signs. On it was written “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved” Wow!!! what a comfort that sign was. It was as if God had planted the sign there for me in particular knowing my need AND – knowing my spiritual arrogance. I was truly comforted by that sign and humbled by it as well. The KJV has been a blessing to millions through time. Who did I think I was that I should pooh pah it?

    I have to confess I never read the KJV but I have since stopped being as prideful about my perspective and my thoughts on the matter. Still, I would not recommend a new believer to read the KJV, but if it is a blessing to those who do read it, wonderful. May it continue to be so. Forgive my arrogance, I have learned.

    Blessing dear brother (and sister)

    Ken Van Schelven


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