Sisaala Bible Dedication

The dedication of the Bible into the Sisaala language was quite an event. Hundreds attended. The Sisaala are only 10% Christian and only 1% Evangelical – both up from 0% not that long ago. Many still follow their traditional religion. So it was significant that many attended. It means that many are open to the message of the Gospel even if they have not made the decision to believe.

Only about 600 of the world’s 7000 languages have the Bible. So Sisaala joins a rather exclusive club. (Many more languages have the New Testament.)

In people groups like the Sisaala, it is likely that the Old Testament will have as much impact as the New Testament, or even more, because the culture of the Sisaala and that in the Old Testament are so similar. Also, they ask similar questions and have similar problems to the ancient Hebrews.

Enjoy the Photos. I’ll post more details later. Hover over a photo to enlarge it and see a description. Click on a photo to enlarge it and start a slide show.

4 thoughts on “Sisaala Bible Dedication

  1. Very moving. What a glorious event, certainly worth a celebration. Thank you for sharing this event with us. (Having just been to So Cal to visit my sis, I can still feel the heat a bit, but we didn’t sit outside all day in it.)


  2. Ed and Dayle,

    I read and look at your pictures and realize my cultural box is very small. Just going to the mall is my largest cross cultural experience.

    I am so glad that the Word of God is our link of unity and stability. What that looks like in dress, food, language and expression can be very different.

    Thanks for heart language emails. Gary Turner Lebanon, Oregon


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