3 thoughts on “Announcement

  1. Dear Ed and Dayle,
    This is hard and yet, well deserved. You have have worked long, hard, and faithfully. I am very thankful to God that our paths have intersected for a period of time and for how this has enriched my life.
    I love you both and your families. May God give you peace and hope as you change your focus and pace a little.
    Much love,
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  2. So delighted for you to enter a new season. So THANKFUL for your faithfulness in the season of life and ministry you have just completed. So eager to see how God blesses you in the season you now begin. An abundant harvest has been reaped, an abundant amount of good seed has been sown, may abundant joy mark your days.

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  3. Ed,

    Are you in the US with Dayle? Jim and I would love to send a small gift towards your retirement cottage. We would love your address and phone number. You may not know this, but Jim and I are moving to Virginia Beach to live next door to our daughter, son-in-law, and 2 grandchildren.

    Hope to talk to you soon, Judy



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