Your Questions

I’m going to cheat. I am always looking for a good topic for my blog. So I thought, why kick back, and let you, my readers, do the work. Besides, that way I might even write something you want to read.

So, what topic would you like me to write about? What questions do you have about where I live, what I do and why I do it? You never know, I might have something to say on the topic or have an actual answer to your question.

Is your question about facts, like:

  • How many languages are there?
  • What, exactly, do you do?

About how things are done, like:

  • How to you translate something that is not known? For example, how do you translate “olive tree” for a people who don’t have olive trees and no word for them?

About why we do things, like

  • Instead of translating into their language, why don’t you teach them all English?

I’m really looking forward to this. Send me an email, or use the “Leave a Reply” thing below.